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Toxic – gay men and drugs

Monday, July 28th, 2014

drug-abuse1If five years ago I was to predict where I would be on Sunday the 20th of July 2014, I would not have guessed my current situation. Sixteen year old me would have aspired to be waking up next to the love of my life, getting up, making pancakes and walking around London, my new home. While I have moved to London and mastered the art of breakfast, the love of my life I’ve woken up to isn’t a beautiful man, it is a baggie of drugs.

When parents worry that moving to the big city will turn their lovely suburban babies into quivering heroin addicts, they are usually wrong. Scaremongering Daily Mail journalists and vicious rumours circulating among the mums leave them thinking that this is the city with two dealers on every corner. In reality, they have nothing to worry about, unless they have a gay son.

It all started for me about a year and a half ago, when my own worried suburban parents gave me the best Christmas present ever: an iPhone. Immediately upon returning to London, I downloaded Grindr and made up for years of teenage awkwardness by sleeping with about 10 men in a week. Suddenly, I was pretty and popular; this magic orange app had made me a sexual being. After years of feeling inadequate and ugly, here was my chance to live my secret dream of being Samantha Jones.

However, like the Selfridges Boxing Day sale, things quickly spiralled out of control. I got into the habit of sleeping with older men, you could practically smell the daddy issues on me. A couple of weeks in, I went to this guy’s apartment. He was an investment banker for UBS, so my sugar daddy senses were tingling. I went over there wanting rough sex and maybe someone to buy me a Kenzo sweatshirt; all I left with was a taste for mephedrone. I’d dipped my toe in the pool of drugs and the water was just perfect, if you could ignore the body floating face down in the shallow end.

Mephedrone, otherwise known as mkat, meow or confusingly ‘meph’ (not meth) used to be legal and available to buy over the internet in the mid to late 00′s. My hometown in rural England was for a while the world centre of this legal high. My earliest memory of it is at a house party with someone doing a line of it off my mum’s Michael Buble CD. Cringe. Since illegalisation in 2009 it’s gone on to be a £20 a gram class B substance that gets gay men across London ready to party. The high is like MDMA meets cocaine: you’ll dance all night, fall in love with someone, and then want to talk about it endlessly. Other substances that often come up are horse tranquilliser Ketamine and G (GHB/GBL) a liquid used to remove graffiti from concrete. The former brings on waves of hallucinogenic looseness, the latter is taken by the millilitre, mixed with Fanta, and makes the user messily lethargic and very horny.

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Equalities minister Nicky Morgan appoints Stonewall education head as special advisor

Sunday, July 27th, 2014

stonewall-logoEqualities minister Nicky Morgan has appointed Stonewall’s head of education as a special advisor.

Ms Morgan, who voted against same-sex marriage, was appointed as Education Secretary and Minister for Women and Equalities in last week’s reshuffle.

It has now been revealed that the minister has appointed Luke Tryl – who until now was head of education at LGB rights charity Stonewall – as a special advisor, to support her in her new role.

The activist will depart the charity immediately to take up the role as advisor, it has been confirmed.

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Why Cameron promoted anti-gay marriage MPs during reshuffle

Sunday, July 27th, 2014

Cameron gay43 per cent of those promoted by the Prime Minister voted against the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill last year.

David Cameron promoted a string of MPs who voted against same-sex marriage in an apparent attempt to stem the mass desertion of Tory grassroots members over the issue, new research shows.

Analysis of the Conservative associations accounts, published by the Electoral Commission, shows a revolt over gay marriage was one of the major reasons why local party membership fell over the past year.

In his reshuffle earlier this month, 43 per cent of MPs – 17 out of 42 – promoted by the Prime Minister voted against the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill last year. While this proportion is similar to the amount of Tory MPs across the board who voted against the policy, it is remarkable that Mr Cameron promoted so many who effectively rebelled against the party line.

While Tory party membership has halved since Mr Cameron became leader, associations are reporting a dramatic drop in numbers as many switch to Ukip. The latest annual accounts for the Conservative associations report same-sex marriage as a major factor.

In a survey of 16 associations where membership subscriptions have fallen, same-sex marriage was cited as a reason in half of those constituencies, while national party policy was blamed in the other half.

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UK Cabinet Reshuffle: Cameron culls gay marriage opponents, axes male ministers

Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

Cameron gayBritish Prime Minister David Cameron has targeted opponents of his flagship ‘Same Sex Marriage’ legislation, as well as reducing the number of men in the British cabinet in tonight’s long-awaited UK Cabinet reshuffle.

The move has seen older, middle class minsters dumped in an unprecedented cull, with the only two Secretaries of State who voted against gay marriage – Owen Paterson and David Jones – being sacked.

Cameron is embarking on his final ministerial changes before the general election in May 2015. Whilst no appointments are made until tomorrow news that younger women will replace the old guard is now the talk of Westminster.

Ashers Baking Company: ‘Gay cake’ row could end up in court

Tuesday, July 8th, 2014

gay wedding cakeFrom BBC News:

A Christian-run bakery that refused a customer’s request to make a cake with a slogan supporting gay marriage could face a discrimination case in court.

Ashers Baking Company declined an order from a gay rights activist, asking for cake featuring the Sesame Street puppets, Bert and Ernie.

The customer also wanted the cake to feature the logo of a Belfast-based campaign group called “Queerspace”.

The County Antrim firm could face legal action from the Equality Commission.

The watchdog confirmed it is assisting the customer whose order was refused and has written to the baking company on his behalf.

The cake was ordered for a civic event in Bangor Castle Town Hall, County Down, to mark International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia.

Christian beliefs

The bakery, which was founded in Newtownabbey in 1992, is run by the McArthur family.

The directors, who are Christians, operate six shops in Northern Ireland and employ 62 people.

The firm’s 24-year-old general manager, Daniel McArthur, said marriage in Northern Ireland “still is defined as being a union between one man and one woman” and said his company was taking “a stand”.

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