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Matthew Parris’ Poison

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

Parris MatthewGay marriage illustrated it; Brendon O’Neill exposed it; and more recently the #YesScotland campaign highlighted and traded upon it: the UK’s political class is a corrupt, elitist, irresponsible, disingenuous, patronising, self-serving cartel. It must be urgently broken up and closed down.

Whatever you think of the issue itself, the gay marriage legislation last year was a democratic disgrace. Faithful one man/one woman marriage has been a defining and enduring bedrock of our society and culture – and the preeminent place of nurture for the nation’s children – for a millennium and a half.

Yet without warning, electoral mandate, Green or White Paper consultation or intelligent debate, and egged on by media, the PR industry, Hollywood celebs and the all-powerful gay lobby on both sides of the Atlantic (the UK perennially follows where the US leads), our political leaders like lemmings rushed off the marriage cliff and into the gay sea while emoting loudly and stupidly that it is “all about love”. Overnight, unitedly and unnecessarily they redefined, enfeebled and wrecked a hugely beneficial social institution.

As a consequence procreation and child-rearing are no longer primary purposes of marriage and conjugal faithfulness is no longer a primary characteristic. Marriage is no longer marriage.

This was extraordinary and irresponsible social vandalism by the Tory Bullingdon boys, their ilk in all parties and their fawning followers on the issue across the political class. Short-sighted adult gay rights today were prioritised over the weighty matters of our children’s upbringing and our society’s tomorrow. And sexual activity, identity, licence and gratification were legislatively endorsed by the Mother of Parliaments as the rising public values of our time. So, like Roman civilisation before us, hereon it’s all downhill.

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Has support for same-sex marriage peaked?

Friday, September 26th, 2014

gay marriageAfter years of steady and even dramatic increases in support, a new Pew survey has found support for same-sex marriage declining.

Pew found more Americans support same-sex marriage than oppose it, but that support had dropped five percentage points between February and September of this year. Pew says, “It is too early to know if this modest decline is an anomaly or the beginning of a reversal or leveling off in attitudes toward gay marriage after years of steadily increasing public acceptance.”

Perhaps significantly the survey also found that “fully half (50%) of the public now considers homosexuality a sin up from 45% a year ago. And nearly half of U.S. adults thin that businesses like caterers and florists should be allowed to reject same-sex couples as customers if the businesses have religious objections to serving those couples.” Pew did find that a slightly larger portion of respondents (47% to 45%) believe those business owners should be forced to serve said couples.

The political and cultural backdrop to the survey includes what seems like a galloping success rate for same-sex marriage in the courts, with almost weekly decisions going the way of same-sex marriage.

At the same time, the news of what many consider to be bullying against opponents of same-sex marriage may be having an effect. Shop owners are being prosecuted, and even top executives are losing their jobs over support for traditional marriage.

And the biggest news going against the same-sex movement this year was the report from the Center for Disease Control that the population of gays is America is not 25-30%, which was reported by the Gallup polling organization, or even 10%, which was believed for decades after the 1950s Kinsey sex report, but only 1.6%. It is possible that Americans are getting cautious about changing the definition of marriage for such a small portion of the population.

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US: Black pastors’ coalition to file 80 legal briefs opposing same-sex marriage

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014

gavelA coalition of black pastors plans to file 80 legal briefs in same-sex marriage lawsuits across the US.

The National Coalition of Black Pastors and Christian Leaders will file briefs in more than 80 lawsuits across the US, the group announced at a Michigan press conference.

It is partnering with the right-wing Thomas More Law Center in order to file the briefs.

Minister Stacy Swimp said: “We got together and decided there was no way we were going to be silenced when a judge has threatened our holy rights.

“I don’t have to be married to know that without family, society will crumble.

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Since “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” was repealed, male-on-male rape has become epidemic in the U.S. Military.

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014

US MilitaryIn late 2010, Congress used a lame-duck session — after the November elections — to overturn “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”, the de facto ban on open homosexual behavior in the US military. Even prominent Republicans caved in. US Senator Scott Brownnot only voted for it but bragged about voting for it in his television commercials when he ran for re-election. In 2012, while running for president, Mitt Romney told reporters that the repeal was working fine and he would not attempt to reverse it. MassResistance and others, however, had predicted that it would lead to terrible consequences.

This week Bryan Fischer has written a devastating article revealing what the politicians in both parties are now afraid to talk about.

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Gay weddings targeted for UK citizenship

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

gay marriageSame-sex marriages were made legal in March this year but within weeks of the legislation coming into effect, criminal gangs were touting sham gay weddings to those wanting to dodge immigration controls.

Inside Out London went undercover to expose the fraud and discovered one gang that organises sham gay marriages for £10,000.

The reporter posed as an illegal immigrant urgently seeking a sham marriage to stay in the UK, while another posed as an uncle.

Peter and Ricardo, the gang’s leaders, boasted to the undercover reporters they had “fixed” weddings “lots of times”.

They offered two potential fake Romanian brides to the reporter, both of whom explicitly stated they were not lesbians but were willing to pretend to be gay and marry anyone for cash.


The gang investigated by Inside Out claimed that breaking the law by fixing sham gay marriages was easy.

Ricardo said he had never had any problems with the police or immigration officers.

He said: “You say ‘I am gay’. No more questions for you. Easy for gay.”

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If Gay is Okay Everything Changes

Thursday, September 4th, 2014

Making Gay Okay

If Gay is Okay Everything Changes

A Review of Robert R. Reilly’s ‘Making Gay Okay’ by Alan J. Williams

 “with challengers to the new orthodoxy organising themselves, and more and more countries banning same sex ‘marriage,’ there are strong grounds for hope.”

Robert Reilly is a very brave man. And he needs to be because today exercising your right to speak freely on homosexuality in the ‘land of the brave and the free’ can cost you your job! He is also very accomplished. Author of The Closing of the Muslim Mind, Senior Advisor to the US Secretary of Defense (2002-6) and music critic, he now joins a growing band of heralds defending the truth against the falshoods of a powerful homosexualist orthodoxy. This band includes Charles Socarides, Scott Lively, Paul Rondeau, Judith Reisman, Miriam Grossman, David Kupelian, Michael Brown, Brian Camenker and Bill Muehlenberg. From the 1990s they have been sounding alarms about the rise to power of the new political aristocracy; the homosexualists of the ‘gay’ rights movement. And these Culture War storm troopers will regard Reilly’s clarion call as a very real threat to their power and influence.

Written primarily for an American audience, whose homeland is a battleground for a Culture War between the homosexualists fighting for the legalisation of homosexual ‘marriage, and those who oppose it, Making Gay Okay still has much to say to British readers. For although England, Wales and Scotland have enacted same sex marriage legislation, it has been rejected in Northern Ireland, so Britain too is divided. And this book can add substantially to resistance against any further attempts to pass same sex ‘marriage’ laws in the UK.

In Making Gay Okay: How Rationalising Homosexual Behavior is Changing Everything Reilly argues that freedom itself is being destroyed by culture warriors determined to legalise sodomitical ‘marriage’ as a civil right. He describes how, and explains why ‘the moral convictions underlying … public order have been undermined to the point of near collapse,’ and points out that what is at stake is a true vision of the ‘nature of reality.’


Victory for Christian sacked over gay weddings

Monday, September 1st, 2014
gay topperA MARRIAGE registrar has been vindicated by a council’s reversal of its decision to sack her for refusing to marry same-sex couples because of her Christian beliefs.

Margaret Jones, 54, who had been dismissed for “bringing the council into disrepute”, was offered her job back after an appeal hearing ruled that her employer had failed to take a “balanced view” of her religious beliefs.

While the decision does not create a legal precedent, it is likely to give people greater rights to express religious beliefs in the workplace because it was based on official guidance from the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC).

Paul Diamond, barrister to the Christian Legal Centre, which advised Jones early in her battle, said: “All good employers should follow this precedent, and practising Christians should no longer fear expressing their beliefs.”

If Jones’s sacking had been upheld, it could have given employers power to judge whether particular religious opinions were acceptable.

Jones pointed out in her witness statement that none of her shifts had coincided with a same-sex wedding ceremony. “As I have not yet done anything wrong, I am being sacked for my belief, not my actions,” she wrote.

Jones said the council appeared to believe that gay rights trumped religious rights to such an extent that it told her “anybody who offered to help me by standing in for me [conducting a same-sex marriage] could be aiding and abetting discrimination”.

Jones, who was senior deputy registrar at Bedford register office, said she was willing to handle the paperwork on the day of the marriage ceremony, but not to conduct the actual wedding.

“I want people who get married to have a good experience, and I don’t think I could stand up and say that it ‘gives me great pleasure’ to declare a gay couple married,” she said.

Jones said there had never been any suggestion that she was homophobic nor that she had sought to make gay people feel uncomfortable.

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