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Gay Ukip MEP David Coburn Says Gay Marriage Supporters Are ‘Equality Nazis’

Friday, October 31st, 2014

ukipGay marriage supporters are “equality Nazis” who helped push through something that only matters to “some queen who wants to dress up in a bridal frock and dance up the aisle to the Village People”, a Ukip MEP has said.

In an wide-ranging interview with the Huffington Post UK, David Coburn, who is himself gay, said that same-sex marriage, which passed into law last year, was “false bollocks” that “makes a mockery of the holy sacrament of marriage”.

“What you’re doing with the gay marriage issue is you’re rubbing people’s noses in the dirt. Everyone had agreed and been quite happy with the idea of civil partnership, it was all bedded in and people were happy with it, they got used to the idea,” he said.

“But when you go across the road to pick a fight with someone of faith, that’s not got anything to do with it, that’s the equality Nazis trying to give Christianity a jolly good kicking. You know it, I know it, we all know it – it’s false bollocks, the lot of it.”

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This lesbian’s daughter has had enough

Monday, October 20th, 2014

rainbow boot2My name is Rivka Edelman, and I am the product of same-sex parenting.

Recently I published an essay on Public Discourse about the ruthless misogyny that pervades LBGT culture.  I pointed out it that it can and will victimize women and children with impunity and then, in America’s narcissistic fugue, get hailed as brave and heroic.

Since my essay was published, there have been hundreds, maybe thousands, of posts calling me a liar or trying to shame, discredit, intimidate, and threaten me.  Read this for details.  People I do not know have gone directly after my family and my job.  They have posted information, mis-information, accusations, and threats against me.  A vicious abusive “activist” well-known for his unhinged misogynistic cyber-stalking and violent threats, Scott Rose, sent blast e-mails to the university where I teach, describing himself as a “human right activist and an investigative journalist.”

Scott Rose has made threats of violence against Ryan T. Anderson, the editor who published my piece on October 2, 2014:

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Gay Marriage No Thanks at huge pro-natural-family demo in Paris

Wednesday, October 8th, 2014

Alan Paris RallyBy Alan Craig:

Two things stood out in Paris on Sunday: the number and the age of the demonstrators.

Last year La Manif Pour Tous (LMPT) organised massive street protests against President Hollande’s gay marriage proposals. On one occasion 800,000 people were on the streets of Paris defending the natural family from this destructive item on the gay lobby’s agenda.

LMPT held another demo in Paris on Sunday and invited Gay Marriage No Thanks to represent the UK. The purpose of the protest was to mobilise opposition in France to “surrogacy, medically-assisted procreation and the promotion of gender theory in schools” but as previously the protection of children and the natural family were the main drivers in the background.

And again the massive number of protestors was a defining characteristic. Organisers said there were over quarter of a million people attending the march and demo, which together lasted for five hours.

The youthfulness of the protesters was noticeable too. Overwhelmingly the participants were in their twenties and thirties, and teenagers were conspicuous by their noisy enthusiasm and, often, street dancing too.

As in the UK, the government is ignoring the people as it drives through its anti-family proposals. But, clearly, at the grass-roots the traditional natural family is alive and well and full of youthful support in France.

The international delegation comprised delegates from Spain, Italy, Portugal, Poland and Slovakia, as well as Gay Marriage No Thanks from the UK. We made good contacts; there is now the start of a pan-European pro-natural family movement which Gay Marriage No Thanks is committed to support.

Petition: That the rights of all UK citizens to freedom of conscience, religious belief and expression, be fully guaranteed and protected

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

petitionPetition to: The Rt. Hon. David Cameron MP the Prime Minister of the UK

That the rights of all UK citizens to freedom of conscience, religious belief and expression, be fully guaranteed and protected

Doctors, nurses, teachers, counsellors, registrars and others have been threatened with dismissal, demoted, suspended, removed and even dismissed from their position or employment for not believing in the moral rightness of same sex relationships or same sex marriage, for sharing their faith and even for wearing a religious symbol, like a cross, at work.

Such things should not be happening in a free democratic society like the UK with its long tradition of upholding human rights. Therefore we demand that the rights of individuals to express and act on their beliefs that include for example, that the state of marriage can only exist between a man and a woman, be protected and guaranteed, and be free from threats to their reputation, good social standing and livelihood, for so doing.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to which the UK is a signatory, was designed to protect all the rights, including the right to act according to their conscience, of all individuals. Its first article states: All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience, and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

This belief in equality was never intended to be, and should not be used now, to penalise those who for example, express or act on the belief that the right to marriage and found a family applies exclusively to marriages uniting one man with one woman only, and not to same sex unions. Yet Dr Sheila Matthews, a paediatrician, was removed from Northamptonshire County Council’s adoption panel when she abstained from voting to place a child with a same sex couple.

Please sign our petition to the government demanding it will guarantee to defend conscience and religious observance rights and restore the nation’s reputation for fairness, justice and impartial respect for human rights.

Yours sincerely,

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