What about Sophie?

“But what about Sophie, Mr Cameron?”

A 12 year old girl came home from school. She was excited and disturbed all at the same time. In line with the national curriculum for sex and relationships education, the teacher had been educating her about the birds and the bees, and for the first time she had been informed about the (to her) fascinating biological mechanics of sex and procreation.

She had also been learning about “the nature of marriage and its importance for… the bringing up of children” (Education Act 1996, Section 403 (1)).

If the Marriage (Same-Sex Couples) Bill becomes law this year, what will the school teach her younger sister? Under the new legislation for ‘equal marriage’, the authorities will be proscribed from distinguishing and discriminating between gay and straight marital relationships.

Gay sex acts will, by law, be equivalent to the straight sex act, and she will necessarily be taught from the school syllabus about the biological mechanics of anal sex. Will they also teach her about its physiological dangers and health risks?

Children are at the heart of – and major beneficiaries from – conventional marriage, yet their welfare, interests and rights have been trampled in the Gadarine rush towards same-sex marriage.

Adolescents typically have unstable emotions, their sexual identity is fluid, their brain pathways are still in the process of being formed and they are vulnerable and innocently gullible. But their protection and wellbeing, apparently, is of little concern to the promoters of same-sex marriage.

Open to reason?

Gay Marriage No Thanks advert in The TimesIn our advertisement published in The Times newspaper on 17th June, 2013, we drew attention to 10 reasons why the same-sex marriage Bill is detrimental particularly to the wellbeing of children. Click here to read the 10 reasons…

Here are three more reasons:

  1. The government intends to jettison marital faithfulness in favour of ‘open marriage’ (which permits outside sexual relationships) in order to accommodate same-sex marriage; inevitably this will undermine the commitment and stability needed for the optimal nurture of children.
  2. Typical gay sex – as has been promoted by government-funded NHS-approved schools adviser and sexual health charity Terrence Higgins Trust and its associates, for instance – involves a huge risk to personal health and wellbeing. (Warning: the first three links below contain explicit material.)
  3. Everything in the garden is not rosy: Children raised by same-sex parents can suffer from the impact of their home environment.